UniMatrix Membership v1.5.0 - 用户管理系统

UniMatrix Membership v1.5.0 - 用户管理系统


UniMatrix是一个PHP MLM脚本,可使用具有重新输入选项的Unilevel计划或Forced Matrix计划来构建成员资格站点。 该脚本具有运行成功的推荐营销计划的基本功能,包括定期更新成员资格。


Admin CP – https://www.mlmscript.net/demo/unimatrix/admin
Username: admin / Password: demoadmin

Member CP – https://www.mlmscript.net/demo/unimatrix/member
Username: demo / Password: demouser

Homepage – https://www.mlmscript.net/demo/unimatrix


Easy to follow Installation Wizard
Fully responsive design and mobile-friendly support
Support Unilevel and Forced Matrix plan
Easy Registration and Login process
Invisible reCaptcha for spam prevention
Free member registration option
Matrix cycle and re-entry with wallet deduction or manual payment option
Manual recurring payment with a scheduled reminder message
Option to register or upgrade as a paid member
Multi-language support
Accept payment using PayPal, CoinPayments, or Cash and Bank Transfer (with manual payment confirmation and proof of payment)
Member auto-login from Admin CP
One-click manual member approval
Member internal wallet to easy manage member commission
PHP Mail or SMTP option
Member details page
Two options for Spillover process
Support personal referral, level commissions, and more
Random and default referrer options
Getting Started Content
Dynamic referral tracking
Manual member registration from Admin and Member CP
Member Matrix plan genealogy view with status filter
Transaction History
Withdraw request and history
Manage and Process withdraw request
Setup fixed or percentage withdrawal fees
Member referral link with landing page option (homepage or registration page)
Secure digital download for member
Multi-languages secure contents for a member
Transactional notification templates
Disable registration option
System Test to simulate the member registration and payment process
Maintenance mode feature
Enable and Disable referral link
Custom site favicon
Cookie consent option
and more…


Domain name and website with PHP 7.2 or 7.3
MySQL Database
PDO Extension (enabled by default)
JSon, zLib, gzEncode (enabled by default)
PHP Mail (enabled by default)
IonCube Loader


v1.5.0 – 20 Jan 2021

+ Add option to upload custom favicon
+ Add cookie consent option
+ Display default words when update language
+ Add option to display referral and genealogy according the cycle account
+ Add option to display genealogy when using Unilevel plan
+ Now support force matrix up to 10x20
+ Maintenance update for member profile, history, referrals, and genealogy pages
- Fix user details page
- Fix known bugs


+ +1 -


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