Appnitro MachForm 15 - PHP在线表单生成程序破解版

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Appnitro MachForm 15 - PHP在线表单生成程序破解版


帮助您创建具有最大兼容性的专业级表格。 在台式计算机或移动/触摸设备(iPhone,iPad,Android设备)上非常有效。





PHP 版本 5.3.0 或更新
MySQL database 版本 4.1.0 或更新


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Feature: Allow users to share forms on their own
Feature: Added option to open a blank new form when running under “edit entry” mode
Bugfix: User without ‘edit entry’ permission shouldn’t be able to see the edit link on entry
Bugfix: ‘exif_read_data()’ warning message upon upload
Bugfix: ‘mime_content_type()’ error message upon upload
Bugfix: When default admin theme is not vibrant, user won’t be able to choose vibrant as their preferred theme
Bugfix: Compatibility issue with the webhook sending incorrect Authorization: BASIC header
Bugfix: Compatibility with PHP 7.4 when sending using SMTP
Bugfix: Stripe compatibility issue with PHP 7.4
Bugfix: Signature images has wrong path on windows server when MachForm installed on root domain
Bugfix: On a single-page form, submitting a new form immediately after editing an entry will overwrite the data to the previously edited entry
Bugfix: Edit entry on form with payment and ‘delay notification until paid’ turned on won’t resend notification
Bugfix: Edit entry on form having payment enabled and review page will always redirect to payment page, even if the status already paid
Bugfix: Saving error when the form is having ‘Allow Users to Save and Resume Later’ and ‘Allow Users to Edit Completed Submission’ turned on at the same time
Bugfix: The “Default From Name” is not being used when creating new forms
Bugfix: Improved accessibility with text captcha
Bugfix: Improved accessibility on submit buttons
Bugfix: New Stripe API keys are 255 characters long, the old one are 50 characters long
Bugfix: Activity log not deleted when delete ALL entries, reset the entries ID or delete with MF_CONF_TRUE_DELETE enabled
Bugfix: Entry’s ‘Date Created’ is being overwritten incorrectly when both Edit Entry and Resume feature enabled
Bugfix: When email subject is having quotes characters and PDF enabled, the PDF can’t be attached
Bugfix: Variable typo on confirm page
Bugfix: Fixes error message ‘implode(): Passing glue string after array is deprecated’
Bugfix: Date field can’t handle “is empty” condition on entries/grid page
Bugfix: First attempt on solving captcha always resulted to failure
Bugfix: When ‘enable choice limit’ turned on and limit has reached maximum, admin can’t edit the entry
Bugfix: Webhook won’t be send any longer when the target URL doesn’t have path/only domain
Bugfix: Added config option to enable/disable SQL debug mode
Update: Internal CAPTCHA no longer uses session
Bugfix: Theme not applied in form locked when user not set theme in their profile
Bugfix: Entries column preferences not deleted when field has been deleted
Bugfix: Removed hard coding on default name and from email address in logic notification
Bugfix: mf.js generate console error message when receiving postMessage from external script


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1. 备份

2. 上传

除了 “data” 文件夹和 “config.php” 文件不要上传.

3. 更新
打开 http://www.yourdomain/machform/upgrade.php 进行更新。
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