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五月 10 2018年

Nextpost 4.0.1 - Instagram社交网自动发帖系统

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Nextpost 4.0.1 - Instagram社交网自动发帖系统

Nextpost 4.0.1 - Instagram社交网自动发帖系统


Nextpost是一个在线营销工具,自动发布的Web应用程序,允许您自动发布到Instagram,同时安排和管理您的Instagram帐户。 借助Nextpost,您可以在单个面板中发布帖子,并节省管理多个Instagram帐户的时间。机翻勿怪,总结一下大概就是利用Nextpost可以同时管理多个Instagram帐户,通过发布特定内容达到营销目的,要知道,很多人在汤不乐和blogpost包括facebook等社交平台上引流。





PHP version Minimum required PHP version for this app is 5.6.0. So your server should run PHP 5.6.0+
allow_url_fopen Value of allow_url_fopen setting in your php.ini file must be On.
cURL PHP cURL extension must be installed and enabled. Minimum required cURL version is 7.19.4
OpenSSL PHP OpenSSL extension must be installed and enabled. This is required for secure data encryption. OpenSSL version must be 1.0.1c or above.
Outdated OpenSSL extension might cause several issues.
PDO PHP PDO extension is required to create secure connection to MySQL server.
GD PHP GD extension must be installed and enabled. Required for image processing.
EXIF PHP EXIF extension must be installed and enabled. This is required for validating JPEG files before sending to Instagram's servers.
mbstring PHP mbstring extension must be installed and enabled.
FFMPEG FFMPEG extension is only required for video posts. It is not necessary for Photo or Story Photo post types.
FFPROBE FFPROBE extension is required for video processing. In most cases it's being installed automatically when you install the FFMPEG extension.


version 4.0.1 (Patch) – 02 May, 2018
- FIX: Small bugs fixed

Following files should be updated/uploaded from version 4.0.0:


version 4.0.0 – April 30, 2018
This is the big update which requires re-installation. Please follow this guide for the update: https://docs.getnextpost.io/upgrade.php

This update include many changes in the API. Unfortunately some of this changes are not backward compatible. Modules used in the version 3.0 are not compatible with version 4.0. If you’ve bought the modules, please create a new private ticket at https://support.getnextpost.io with your purhcase code to get the most recent version of the modules which are compatible with v4.0

- IMPROVEMENT: API updated. This is big change to make the script more stable and compatible with the lastest version of the Instagram.
- NEW: First comment feature added
- NEW: Now it's possible to tag the location to the posts
- NEW: Multi Delete option added to the Filemanager.
- NEW: Some new experimental features added. Experimental features are optional to enable. Some bugs are possible for these features.
- NEW: Now it's possible to add 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled Instagram accounts.
- NEW: Search feature added to the aside lists (users, packages etc.)
- NEW: Now every user can see detailed info about his/her storage (tused storage size etc.)
- IMPROVEMENT: Now it's possible to select the caption template without leaving the post page
- NEW: Now it's possible to require the email verification for the new users. This feature is optional, might be enabled/disabled according to your (admin's) desire. See Other Settings page.
- IMPROVEMENT: New (and most probably the best) workaround for the checkpoint issue.
- IMPROVEMENT: Schedule Calendar page now became Calendar page. Which means now it displays the detailed info for all posts (not only for scheduled posts)
- FIX: Payment issue which was related to the zero decimal currencies (ex: JPY) fixed
- IMPROVEMENT: Renew page is now fully responsive
- NEW: Basic video processing feature added as an experimental feature. It's possible to clip/crop and resize the videos. But such an operations uses too many server resources and take too long time. Use this feature in your own responsibility.
- NEW: Now it's possible to search for the hashtags and users in the caption/first-comment fields in the post page. Feature is experimental, some bugs are possible.
- IMPROVEMENT: Although we've stopped selling the automation modules, pricing table now displays info for included modules for the users who have (bought and) installed the modules before we stop selling them.


解压缩NextPost v4.0.1.rar 得到nextpost-4.0.1文件夹,将文件夹里的内容上传到服务器上。
然后打开域名your.tld/install 执行安装向导
下一步下一步来到输入Purchase Code和数据库信息还有管理员信息的页面,保持默认即可。 然后设置数据库等信息,点击下一步,如果不出意外,则提示安装成功了。


链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/16LRuPZ3dno7bwEly6UWYZQ 密码: s1q9


链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1HyTuHqzvAnCActNDCKgZ0A 密码: 1vhh

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    你能否将该项目更新到其最新版本“nextpost 4.0.2”?https://codecanyon.net/item/nextpost-auto-post-schedule-manage-your-instagram-multi-accounts-php-script/19456996


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    安装出现 Unexpected error occured! 是什么情况?

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    安装出现 Unexpected error occured! 是什么情况?



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