Sngine v2.5.3 - PHP社交平台源码

Sngine v2.5.3 - PHP社交平台源码




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Sngine requires Apache Server, PHP 5.5+ and MySQL to run
Before install Sngine please make sure that mysqli, mod_rewrite, cURL, intl extensions are enabled on your server. you can ask your hosting company to make sure to enable it for you


#== v2.5.3 == ( 20-05-2018 )
- [Updated] Documentation
- [Updated] System Security
- [Updated] System Optimization
- [Updated] Sngine Libs [AWS|Embed|HybridAuth|PayPal|PHPMailer|Stripe|Twilio]
- [Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies [jQuery|dataTables|mediaelement|metisMenu|moment|noty|tinymce]
- [Updated] Sngine CSS Dependencies [Font-Awesome|Flag-Icon]

- [Added] Advanced ADS system for users
- [Added] User Wallet System
- [Added] Send message button in mobile version
- [Added] Posts Translation
- [Added] "Add New Product" button in Market & My Products
- [Added] Social Links for Pages
- [Added] Action Button for Pages
- [Added] Groups Categories
- [Added] Custom Fields Order
- [Added] Custom Fields for Pages
- [Added] Custom Fields for Groups
- [Added] Custom Fields for Events
- [Added] Links posts to newsfeed filter
- [Added] Media posts to newsfeed filter
- [Added] Custom jаvascript Code (Header & Footer) from Admin Panel
- [Added] Garbage collector to remove all expired subscribers and their boosted posts and pages from Admin Panel
- [Added] Static Pages title can be translated
- [Added] Articles in search results
- [Added] Article cover in article content
- [Added] Work website to profile info
- [Added] Country to profile info
- [Added] Manage my boosted posts
- [Added] Manage my boosted pages
- [Added] Manage Group Members
- [Added] Multiple Admins for Groups
- [Added] Manage Page Members
- [Added] Multiple Admins for Pages

- [Fixed] Link scraper trigger
- [Fixed] Left sidebar scroll
- [Fixed] Social signup first name and last name duplication
- [Fixed] VK Social Login
- [Fixed] Admin newsletter error due to timeout
- [Fixed] Exclude hidden posts from boosted posts
- [Fixed] Remove all boosted posts/pages after user package expired
- [Fixed] Banned users in "People you may know"
- [Fixed] Boost button is still here in Page even if you have disabled pro
- [Fixed] Lightbox arrows position on mobile
- [Fixed] Special characters in notifications
- [Fixed] All Reported Bugs

- [Removed] Bitcoin Payments


链接: 密码: bmre


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