Booking Core v1.5.1 - PHP旅游预订系统

Booking Core v1.5.1 - PHP旅游预订系统


Booking Core是一个基于Laravel的预订系统,专为旅游网站,市场,旅行社,旅行社,客房Bnb,别墅租赁,度假胜地租赁,Make Travel网站而设计。 经过6年多的旅行产品开发工作,我们有信心通过优化的UX / UI为您的旅行网站提供最佳产品,并在搜索引擎上以移动设备友好的形式。





PHP version 7.2 and later
BCMath PHP Extension
Ctype PHP Extension
JSON PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension


Latest Update: 1.5.1 – January, 15 – 2020
- [UPDATE] Multi-Language for Calendar
- [UPDATE] iCal Synchronize
- [UPDATE] Add new Import/Export a Template
- [UPDATE] Add currency: Burundian Franc (BIF), AMD (Armenian dram), Uzbekistan сум, Kenyan Shilling-KES
- [UPDATE] Allows input Decimal to Price by Person(VD: 350.89$/ adult)
- [UPDATE] With Vendor Role, I want to duplicate the Tour, Space
- [UPDATE] Square of Room Size + Square of Space is limited to 127,can't input the 128 or larger
- [UPDATE] Add Confirm Email for Vendor/User after Register
- [UPDATE] Add Filter review rate for Tour, Space

- [BUG] Input content in the Second-Language => Extra_serivce error
- [BUG] Filter price isn't updated price when select other currency
- [BUG] Share a Service in the in second language the Featured image doesn't show in the post!
- [BUG] Paypal gateway - if choose to Return to the website/Cancel (Booking) his reservation is validated
- [BUG] Cant disable multi-Currency
- [BUG] The switch of the currency not appear in Mobile .
- [BUG] Some text is missing in language file
- [BUG] The second Language for Room title is not updated
- [BUG] Update Language status from Draft to Publish, but can't add that language into menu Multi-language
- [BUG] Disable Default module => Review Manager is bug
- [BUG] Fix issues can't upload SVG image type
- [BUG] Service is deleted => Report Booking + Booking History from User account is bugged
- [BUG] List Location: Delete Parent Location => Hide the child-Location but Front-end still shows Child-location
- [BUG] Multi-currency: Tour Fees is updated wrong
- [BUG] Service Single Video: Cant turn off if dont click to the "X" button
- [BUG] Custom CSS code is built wrong
- [BUG] Favicon still haven't updated cho Admin backend


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