Atlas v2.2 - PHP商业分类目录源码破解版

Atlas v2.2 - PHP商业分类目录源码破解版

想建立一个专业的企业目录网站吗? Atlas为您提供了最佳的平台,可在几分钟内构建一个平台。 它是高度可定制的,并且是市场上最简单的脚本,用于设置和组织企业目录门户。 目录列表的所有现代功能都集成到Atlas中,这使其成为行业标准,并提供了强大的解决方案来发展您的业务。


Directory Portal features
Dynamic home page with search bar and top listings
Category wise directory browsing
Dedicated category & sub-category page with summary
Advanced directory filtering page
Filter listings with category, amenities, pricing, cities, video
Locate listings in map as marker with informative popover
Map interaction with listing search result for ease of access
Directory’s wide banner image
All categories in listing page
Unlimited photo gallery image for any directory
Amenities listing of a directory
Weekly opening & closing hours schedule
Currently closed or opening status
Video embed option from youtube, vimeo, html5
Social media sharing option for listing
Customer reviews and rating form
Review summary view sorted by star rating
Report inappropriate listing to admin to review
Contact form for business customers
Listing can be added to wishlist from thumbnail and detail page
Price table for purchasing directory posting package
Company details and legal pages: about, t&c, privacy policy, faq
Dynamic footer
404 error page configuration
Business specific features
Customized directory layout for restaurant, hotel, shop
Food menu showing custom layout for restaurant directories
Table booking custom contact form for restaurant directories
Room detail custom layout for hotel directories
Room booking custom form for hotel directories
Product showing custom layout for shopping directories
Admin features
Easy installation process
Setup guide provided with product documentation
Most flexible listing creation form
Make listing pending/active with just one click
Review inappropriate reported listings
Listing category & subcategory manager
Listing amenities manager
Listing cities manager
Listing rating manager
Pricing package manager
Watch customer’s purchase report history
User database monitoring
Website settings manager
Portal’s terms, privacy policy, faq manager
Payment and currency setup for paypal, stripe
Multi language translation manager
Smtp settings setup
System status monitoring dedicated page
Customer feature
Dedicated user panel to manage account
Purchase package and create listing
Watch package purchase report
Print or download invoice of purchase
Create & publish listing following purchased package limit
Create hotel type directory with room details
Get room booking orders by making hotel directories
Create restaurant directories with food menu details
Get table booking orders by making restaurant directories
Create shopping directory with product details
Add favourite directories to wishlist & browse later
Give rating and reviews to preferred directories

Apache web server for running php
PHP version 7
Mysql database access, purchase code during installation
Php curl should be enabled
One purchase code is legal for using one domain only

version 2.2 – 24 March, 2020

- Openstreet map api updated to latest version.
- Listing deletion file issue fixed.
- Email verification text enhanced and updated.

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