Ucloud V2.0.1 - PHP文件存储分享源码破解版

Ucloud V2.0.1 - PHP文件存储分享源码破解版
2020-09-09 11:13
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Ucloud V2.0.1 - PHP文件存储分享源码破解版

uCloud 是一个开源的文件存储源码系统,适合团队存储、小组存储、小型企业或网站管理员在线存储使用。
这款源码和 yetishare PHP网盘是一个作者编写的。支持多用户、多语言以及外部文件存储等实用的功能。




PHP 5.6+
Linux 系统(大多数共享主机上的标准配置也可以应付起来)
MySQL 5+
PHP MCrypt 扩展
Apache 或 Nginx 支持rewrite
支持 HTML5/jаvascript 的浏览器 (IE9+, FireFox, Safari, Chrome)



- Added file manager actions buttons to mobile view.
- Added option on public sharing page to download all share as zip or just the current folder.
- Significant performance improvements on download as zip feature.
- Increased max supported filesize on the document viewer to 50MB (from 10MB).
- Better fallback handling if file is greater than 50MB on document viewer.
- Moved script version number into /app/core/Framework.class.php.
- Minor fix to folder paging when no files.
- Minor fix to edit file, folder dropdown not always listing all folders.
- Minor improvement to JS translation function.
- Minor fix to empty trash function.
- Captcha code output fix, due to the way Twig handles HTML they were not always rendered as expected.
- Minor fix to add user account type admin function.
- Removal of various PHP notices.
- Minor fix to auto scan of any newly added themes. Previously this was not automatically showing in admin.
- Improvements to file import script (import.php within the file import plugin).
- 404 page spelling fix.
- Other minor fixes and performance improvements.

Release notes: To upgrade from 2.x, backup, then upload the files from /app, /plugins & /themes to your
install. Then apply the database patch in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v2.0.1.sql.
Then clear your application cache (via the admin area, site configuration). See the upgrade
guidance in the documentation for more information.


- Support for uploading additional files without reloading the browser.
- Complete core rewrite:
- New MVC script framework.
- Separation of business logic (PHP) and views.
- Custom page url routing.
- Friendly urls throughout main site and admin area.
- Twig templating engine - True separation of PHP logic and views.
- jаvascript translations moved to external JS file rather than embedded in the page source.
- Application cache for increased performance - Routing Cache & Twig Template Cache.
- New MVC structure for both plugins and themes.
- Controllers and templates and be overridden at plugin and theme level.
- Added support for transparent pngs on avatars.
- Friendlier urls on direct file links. (removal of view.php)
- Moved towards object based data updates (ORM).
- New terms & privacy pages.
- Admin test tools.
- Backblaze cloud file storage support.
- New media player for videos and audio type files.
- Includes playback speed control, chromecast support and audio visualisation.
- Social login plugin upgrade, including refreshing guidance.
- Improved Sharing Functionality:
- Share files aswell as folders now.
- Select multiple files/folders to share at once, rather than folder only level.
- Admin manage sharing pages.
- Globally shared folders - admin can set folders to be accessed by all accounts.
- Moved shared folders/files into dedicated left navigation item.
- Email notification added on internal sharing.
- Added option to set keywords and description on files.
- Keywords displayed on file details view, linked to search.
- Search feature now includes keywords and description.
- Improvements to drop & drop uploads directly into file manager without loading the uploader popup.
- Site setting option to use local sessions rather than database based sessions.
- Site settings to control min/max length of account usernames.
- Site setting to enable download tokens to be limited by IP address.
- Minor formatting changes to file details page, including adding a back button.
- Added sharing page and trash page links on mobile view.
- Enabled 'enter' key submission on add/edit file/folder popups.
- Minor fix to avoid reloading page if upload completes when viewing file details.
- Minor fix to script update notification checker.

Release notes: This release is a major upgrade to the codebase. To upgrade existing installs,
please see the "Upgrade from v1.x" tab in the /install/ folder.


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