Infinity V1.0.4 - Premium URL Shortener 主题

Infinity V1.0.4 - Premium URL Shortener 主题


一款专为 Premium URL Shortener 设计的主题



Customizable Change your Website appearance in a Single click through Admin Panel
Material Icons Font Awesome icons are now replaced with Material Icons. These icons are developed by Google and these are more pixel-perfect and user-friendly
Better Profiles The layout of profiles in this theme is now much better than any other theme present. It is more user-friendly and responsive
Mobile Ready This theme is fully responsive and looks great on any mobile device
Performance Theme is highly optimized and fastest than any other theme present
Off Canvas Menu Now access more functions on mobile with the fully responsive and user-friendly off canvas menu
SEO Friendly Get your site rank in search result more easily and faster than before
Snackbars Show a message in the bottom left area of the screen when users do any actions on your site
Better Layout Better layout for Custom Pages, Profiles, Home Page and many others
Social Sharing Let your users share links on more social networking sites
Many More


- Added Compatibility with Premium URL Shortener v5.0.1

Changed Files:


链接: 提取码: 97nt


1.0.4版本是早期推出的,放在Premium URL Shortener v5.5上也能用,但具体哪里有问题我也没有遇到,有想使用的自己查看一下。


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